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We help you differentiate your brand and intensify your message with our social media promotion services. We are living in an era where over 70% of users expect a brand to have a visible social media presence. But that is not all, consumers expect you to have a tailored, unified social media strategy.

Every business can benefit greatly from social media promotion. But while most brands know the importance of social media, they don’t know how to invest in the most appropriate social media and how much they should spend. And that is where our social media promotion services come in.

Social media marketing can be the most effective way to reach out to your local or worldwide target audience. Our marketing team is capable of offering complex social media marketing for businesses and brands across the world.

We can also just focus on small demographics within your local area, but if your offer services or products that are used worldwide; we can still expose your brand to a global audience using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Our services are curated to show you where the audience is talking about you as well as the areas where you can swoop in and engage the audience and the technics you should use to amplify your message and increase your brand awareness.

The services we offer include social media audit, tailored interactive strategies, competitive analysis, among others, and we can use them to teach you how to make the most of the social media world as well as how you can effectively drive visitors to your website.

KeySearch Social Media Services

  • Social media marketing plan: If you have social media but are not sure where to start, we can evaluate your needs, plan opportunities as well as recommend long-term actions for your social media success.

Guideline implementation: Do you know what you need to do with your social media channels but need a little bit of help navigating the complex subject of social media

  • promotion? We will work with you to make sure to enhance your brand integrity, compliance with other mediums, and devise the best practices for the future success of your social marketing.
  • Social media audit: We deep down and explore your brand’s presence across different social media networks and provide you with the best strategy for improving it. We understand that not all businesses should be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so we analyze your business to discover the best social media network. We also suggest realistic options such as niche opportunities as well as relevant mainstream tactics.
  • Social profile creation: Once we audit your social presence, based on what we find, we will identify the suitable social network for your business and where you can find your targeted audience. We also assist in creating and managing your social media channels in order to attract visitors as well as take controlof the two-way conversation.
  • Competitive analysis: What are your competitions doing? Are they being successful doing widgets, blogs, videos, community building, or linkbait? We will pinpointyour competitions’ tactics and actions that you can imitate to try and take over the whole niche.
  • Software recommendation: There are thousands of social media software and tools thanks to the exponential growth of open source business models and a larger audience. This makes finding the right tool to track opportunities, performance, manage your profiles, and more, more intimidating. We can help you narrow down your choices based on your business needs, budget, environment, and resources.
  • Badge creation: To help you increase user engagement, we can design interactive badges to position your brand as an authority in your niche and have link-building benefits.
  • Blog strategy creation: We will create a powerful blog strategy that will effectively carve out space for your brand in the massive blog community. In this, we will craft blog post ideas, create blog contents and posts, design the comment section, and show you how to comment on fellow blogs to build awareness.
  • Widget strategy creation: First we analyze your site to find out whether you can benefit from an interactive widget. Our analysis includes the type of widget that may work for your website, its chance for success, as well as what your competitions are and or not doing and tactics to beat them.
  • Community building: Community is going to be the most important thing in the future. We will examine which communities are suitable to build and how you can form a lasting relationship with the community. We will also show you the best strategy for identifying the important and relevant conversations in your industry.

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Surpass Your Objectives

Having audience attention is not enough. You also need them to a concert in order to meet your goals. Whether that goal is to increase the number of shares, followers, or engagement across all your social media platforms, you will need to design a channel for lead generation.

At KeySearch, we design and implement custom conversation branded CTAs (call-to-actions), landing pages, and on-site forms. Your social followers and site visitors can easily signup for any upcoming event, enter a contest, or subscribe to your company newsletter with just one click.

This way you can easily capture leads from your blog posts, social media platforms as well as landing pages.

Simple and candid

That is how smooth we make it for your target audience to convert.

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Ready To Give Us Your Next Project?

let us make you visible on social media

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